The cottages of Domaine de Montanty

Each gites were built in the purest respect of the tradition with materials coming from old farms of the Lot department. You will find there the atmosphere and the charm of an old residence of campaign (fireplace, backed clay, traditional roof) allied to a discrete modernity.

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Gite "La Sarriette"- 2 persons

Gite of Domaine de Montanty "La Sarriette"

Gite "Le Safran" - 6 persons

Gite of Domaine de Montanty "Le Safran"

Gite "Le Romarin" - 6 persons

Gite of Domaine de Montanty "Le Romarin"

Gite "La Marjolaine" - 11 persons

Gite of Domaine de Montanty "La Marjolaine"